How does it work for Artists

Why Artists ❤️ Castkro
1.  Free of Cost
For any role or job post, you may receive many applications from talented individuals, castkro sort the candidate accordng to their various characterstics such as experience and their past work etc
2.  Personlized Job Alerts
Talented individuals get personalized job alerts based on their skills, knowledge, interest and past experiences
3.  High Number of Jobs
Castkro has high number of film industry jobs and we are working at our best to make castkro the platform everybody would love to use
4.  Attractive Profile Design
Talented Profiles are desisgned in such a way that the skills, expertise and talent of indivuals can be presented in best possible way
5.  27/7 Free Support
We at castkro are providing 24/7 free email support to serve your needs and help you in case something goes wrong